Authentic Written Language Materials

As part of the Pennsylvania State University DuBois Web Portal Project, volunteers have provided us with authentic Mandarin texts in response to different topics.  These responses can be found below according to the theme. 

These authentic materials may be used freely by faculty at the Commonwealth College Campuses of The Pennsylvania State University; all others may use the materials found here for educational purposes by requesting to use these materials from Dr. Deborah Gill.  Under no circumstances should these materials be used for commercial purposes.  If you should use these materials, please send a message so that we know that the information is being used.  This will help us be able to expand upon the project if we see that it is useful. 

Please noteThese materials have been kept in their original form; the language which is present is authentic and has not been altered in any way.  Some material may be objectionable to you (i.e., the opinions of the author may not be similar to yours).  If this is the case, you are free not to use that material. 

If you should have any questions, please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Or, if you would like to contribute to the data, also please send an email giving us some information about yourself and how you would like to contribute. 



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Who are you? What do you study and what courses are you taking? What is your schedule like? Where you live, do you have different seasons of the year? What did you do yesterday? Characteristics of your family What are some authentic foods to your country? Do you have any pets or mascots? Do you live in a city or in the country? How do you dress? What are the most popular professions in your country? How did you spend the first money that you made?